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if you’re in a relationship the only pet name you should ever use for one another is comrade

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Aretha Franklin covers “Rolling In The Deep”



The Republican Party recently released an ad assuring us that, yes, there actually are Black Republicans.

A message that would have probably been more impactful if the only appearance of a Black person in their video wasn’t a stock photo they had to pay to use…

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The South, 1967, no. 54

by Seymour Chwast & Pushpin New York, NY 1967

For this issue he published songs and images of the Old South juxtaposed as a counterpoint to photographs of activists (plus Emmitt Louis Till, an innocent teenager) killed by white racists. The entire issue was a bold commentary on the doctrine of “separate but equal” that prefigured the landmark civil rights legislation enacted during Lyndon B. Johnson’s administration. Push Pin’s members supported (and worked for) civil rights, yet this unique and poignant Graphic was one of the rare political statements made by a graphic design studio at that time.

Here are descriptions of the text on the opposite pages in the book:

+Medgar Wiley Evers (1926-1963), Mississippi  - juxtaposed with Mississippi song by Mrs. Dunbar Rowland

+ Emmitt Louis Till (1940-1955), Mississippi - juxtaposed with the song “The Yaller Gal That Winked at Me”, by A. M. Hernandez 1867

+Harry Moore (1905-1951), Mims, Florida - juxtaposed with “Dear Land of the south" by Eugene Raymond

Dope project. Also relevant as fuck.